Conveyor Belts for Hamburger Packing Line

Información del Proyecto:

Implementation of control panels for belt conveyors with fixed and variable speed to increase performance in the hamburger packing line.

  • Creado por:
  • Fecha:2015-12-28
  • Cliente: PRONACA

Requirements of the customer:

  • Conveyor belts with fixed and variable speed.
  • Control panel for conveyors with 3-wire method and process status visualization.
  • Distribution panel with measurement of energy consumption for feeding to conveyor belts.

Implementation by the Solution Partner:

  • Supply of 2 stainless steel control panels with fixed-speed with Sirius Innovation 3RA6 direct compact starters.
  • Supply of 4 stainless steel control panel with variable speed with SINAMICS G120C drives.
  • Programming drives with control 3-wire method.
  • Supply of distribution panel integrated with Sirius and 3VT products to feed the belt conveyors boards.
  • Distribution panel with measurement of energy consumption by Sentron PAC.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Improving the speed of production in the packaging line.
  • Displaying energy consumption of conveyor belts system.
  • Displaying operating status of conveyor belts.
  • Operations start / stop and speed setting easily accessible.
  • Control panel with high degree of IP for this type of food packaging line.