Rewinding Machine Motion System Upgrade

Información del Proyecto:

Customer‘s rewinding machine is upgraded by the replacement of DC motors and drives. 1PH7 and Sinamics S120 are used to provide a tension control for the winding and unwinding stages of the machine.

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  • Fecha:2015-11-30
  • Cliente: POLIFILM

Requirements of the customer:

  • Replace current DC framework and upgrade it to state of the art drive technologies.
  • Replace an old analogue computer designed for the tension control loop without migrating the S5 CPU already installed in machine.
  • Machine must be able to work with different plastic materials at top speed, without breaking the material and keeping the dancer roll stabilized.
  • Keep and upgrade the speed and production performance of the machine.
  • Reduce downtime by hardware failures including motor and drive.

Implementation by the Solution Partner:

  • All DC motors are replaced by Simotics 1PH7 induction motor providing size economy and powering up the system until 8000 rpms.
  • Winding and Unwinding operations are controlled by CU320.
  • Sinamics S120 CU320 sets the speed and torque of each drive to keep the material at a proper tension in both unwinding and winding operations.
  • Mechanic Dancer Roll

Benefits for the customer:

  • Process speed has been increased by 1PH7 high performance at low and high speeds.
  • 1PH7 is powerful and space saving.
  • Machine control has been optimized by adjusting the operation through electronic control of CU320, and a couple of potentiometers, making the machine easier to use by operators.
  • Risk of failure is reduced by using state of the art CU320 for tension control.
  • Down Times are minimized since Sinamics S120 is a modular System.