Extruder Machine Automation System Upgrade

Información del Proyecto:

Actualización de la máquina extrusora mediante de un PLC S5 por el SIMATIC S7-300. Gracias a este reemplazo se ha optimizado el control de la máquina

  • Creado por:
  • Fecha:2015-11-30
  • Cliente: POLIFILM

Requirements of the customer:

  • Updated control system and local availability of spare parts.
  • Reduce downtime by hardware failures.
  • General maintenance of the machine that has been running for more than fourteen years.

Implementation by the Solution Partner:

  • Migration of software from Step 5 to Step 7 of Master and Slave PLC’s.
  • Wiring and replace of new equipment inside of the old one.
  • Installation of new PLC’s S7-300 instead of old PLC‘s S5.
  • Tuning of temperature and tension PID controllers.
  • Commissioning and startup of machine.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Machine control has been optimized.
  • No dependence on delivery of components Simatic S5.
  • Electrical diagrams has been updated.
  • Down times are minimized.
  • Flexible and upgraded control system.