Pijal water supply pumping system

Información del Proyecto:

Logo PLC , Micromaster 440, Sirius 3RW30 softstarter and water level control supervisor 3UG are used to control the overall system. Every stage of the pumping system has its own control board. Automatic and Manual options are abaible to operate every station. Dry – Run of pumps has been inhibited.


Requirements of the customer:

  • Automatic and manual control of the pumping system installed to supply with water to the community of Pijal.
  • Control system must supervise the water level in every storage tank. Avoid pumping when water level of reservoir is low.
  • Use of softstarters and variable frequency drives to drive the installed pumps.

Implementation by the Solution Partner:

  • Logo and 3UG level supervisor are used to monitor the current water level at the tank reservoir and control the every stage of the system.
  • When a tank needs to be filled the previous pumping station is activated. The pump at the water supply level is controlled by Sirius 3RW30 SoftStarter. Micromaster 440 is used in each other two pumping stations.
  • Micromaster 440 helped to reduce the cost of the solution when compared to the cost of installing a three phase electrical system in the middle of the mountain. In this case Micromaster 440 was a good economic choice to drive the 3 phase pumps from the 2 phase 220 Vac source.

Benefits for the customer:

Automatic and reliable solution to supply of water to the community.

  • Economic control solution.
  • Use of Micromaster 440 allows to drive the pumps softly avoiding the risk of hammer in the pipe system.
  • Use of Micromaster 440 allows to change the speed of the pump adapting the solution to customer needs.
  • Minimum operator action requiered.