Filter Backwashing System

Información del Proyecto:

Implementation of control system for filter backwashing procedure with PLC S7-1200 and KTP400 Basic panel, to program sequences of valves.


Requirements of the customer:

  • HMI to monitor phases of backwash cycle and set up of the system.
  • Flexible program to control valves cycle with configurable times from HMI.
  • Manual and automatic operation selectable from HMI.

Implementation by the Solution Partner:

  • Supply of control panel with PLC S7-1200 to run backwash cycles.
  • PLC program for valve’s control.
  • HMI development for monitoring and configuring of the system.
  • Implementation of security conditions in the program to avoid equipment damages.

Benefits for the customer:

  • Having an advanced control platform of PLC S7-1200 and Panel KTP Basic for each machine connected on a Profinet network.
  • Evidence unscheduled downtime of the machines through constant monitoring of the plant.
  • Increase production by 15% for control and monitoring of breaks and unscheduled downtime of the machines incurred in each production shift.
  • Monitor the manufacturing process from various company departments such as Production, Quality Control and Maintenance.